Sam Hewitt

snwh /sn•w/

Welcome to my personal website & blog (which as a passionate culinarian is mostly food & other cookery).

I'm a freelance designer from Canada's rocky east coast, now living in the middle. I'm also known to dabble in some coding.

I believe strongly in the practices and ethos of open source and as such I participate in and contribute to several free software projects.

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Things or projects of significance that I've made or contributed to.

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    How-to Shape Tortellini

    Published Apr 11

    Tortellini is simply one of many filled pasta shapes, but it involves a bit more work to shape than others (such as ravioli). So if you're into the meticulous, then you'll enjoy these. :)

    Instead of placing a filling between two squares of pasta ...



    As one of my favourite areas of design, I use an entirely free & open source software toolkit to help me create beautiful & functional icons.

    It's also one of my main areas of contribution to open source projects (such as my Ubuntu icon work).

    Recent Flickry

    As an amateur photog and food pornographer, you can find some of my favourites of my own photos on my Flickr photostream.