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About This Project

Suru is a revitalization of the icon set that was developed for the (now defunct) Ubuntu mobile platform. The design principles and styles created for Suru have been repurposed and extended for this FreeDesktop project.

GNOME Shell + Dash-to-Dock with Suru

The Suru icon set currently serves as the basis for the current default icon theme on Ubuntu, which has extended the set to include many more downstream.

Suru Icon Set

Original mobile application icons have been repurposed to theme their GNOME counterparts. Folder and file type icons have been added, based on a unreleased Suru concept. Plus a complete symbolic icon set has been created, with many icons based on the original Suru system icons.

Tap or hover on the icons to zoom in.

Suru Cursors

Supplementary to the icon theme is the Suru cursor theme. It has a style designed to compliment the Suru icons through subtle nods to the geometry of the icons.

Design Guidelines

Suru for the desktop has a complex set of guidelines that it follows to achieve a cohesive look for all icons.

They are written as a combination of the original Suru icon guidelines with elements of the Tango icon guidelines to make Suru a suitable FreeDesktop environment icon theme.

Design Guidelines

Get Suru

Suru is freely available to download from the source repository on GitHub.

Suru on GitHub