Suru Icon Set
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Coming Soon

(to Ubuntu 18.04)*

Suru is an open source FreeDesktop icon project by Sam Hewitt

About These Icons

This project is a revitalization of the Suru icon set that was designed for Ubuntu Touch. The principles and styles created for Suru now serve as the basis for a new FreeDesktop icon theme.

Original mobile application icons have been repurposed to theme their GNOME counterparts. Folder and file type icons have been added, based on a unreleased Suru concept. Plus a complete symbolic icon set has been created, with many icons based on the original Suru system icons.

Get Suru

Suru for the desktop is still in-development, but you can clone the GitHub repository and use the pre-release version if you want.

You will find issues with the icons if you use this theme!
Suru on GitHub